Finding Music. Everywhere.

I’ve been fascinated lately by the idea of finding music in traditionally non-musical things.

For example, waking up to a little bit of rain this morning. There seemed to be a pattern to the rain as it hit the roof above me, and it was a soothing sound. It was a complex pattern but very calming.

I’ve been finding this type of music for a while, and it gets easier to find the more you practice it.

I like to think of it as “finding” music because it implies that you have to be looking for it, but that sometimes it just pops up out of nowhere. This serendipity is so exciting.

As I’ve done more and more sampling and location recording for soundscapes, I’m starting to hear things in this way and experience sound differently.

I recorded a snippet of the rain on my roof on my phone and will likely pull it up in a session in the next few days to try to use it as a starting point to create some music.

All of this to say that music doesn’t only have to happen in the studio with instruments. It can happen literally anywhere there is sound and an ear willing to listen.

Playing back some samples captured earlier in the day.

Playing back some samples captured earlier in the day.