CRIMINAL Beat Tape - Now Streaming

My First Beat Tape Is Out Now!

Cover artwork for CRIMINAL Beat Tape by PALA

Cover artwork for CRIMINAL Beat Tape by PALA

So I’ve decided to put some of my favorite beats into Beat Tapes and release them on streaming platforms, etc. I wanted to do this for a few reasons - but mainly to share these tracks that I’m proud of and let people listen to them in their normal music-listening environment (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

And with that decision - I’ve just released my first official Beat Tape: the CRIMINAL Beat Tape. I’m proud of this collection of tracks:

  1. Bugsy - I especially like how the kick and 808 drop at the start of the track / every time the beat drops. It feels really good, especially with a sub!

  2. Capone - this one has a cool verby vibe to it, I especially like the sample in this one.

  3. Gotti - has a nice bounce to it :)

  4. Genghis - quite possibly my second favorite beat on the tape, this one has a really nice head nod to it, once the breakbeat drums drop it feels really nice.

  5. Belfort - my favorite name of a track lol, but also a really nice sample flip. I love the orchestral elements I put in this one (the low brass and low strings give it a really epic feel)

  6. Ulbricht - this one samples a real church pipe organ and has a really cool sound to it because of that. I also love when the beat drops in this one

  7. Dillinger - really nice chill beat with a nice bounce to it when the hats come in

  8. Madoff - I love the way the drums and the sample play off each other in this one - very rhythmic

  9. Popoff - my FAV on the beat tape - mainly because it’s so soulful and is ripe for melody. I also love how the spoken word sample runs right into the downbeat, it makes it feel really good when it drops

  10. Judas - this is possibly the darkest on the tape, I love the snare fill in this one!

Take a listen for yourself


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