YouTube's Policy for Reused Content and What It Means for Type Beat Producers

There’s an interesting debate that’s popping up more and more among “type beat” producers. I’ve got a few thoughts on it. But first - the issue:

YouTube penalizes accounts for “reused” and “duplicate” content - essentially content that was not created by the account posting it. One way in which these accounts are penalized is by being demonetized, meaning they can’t make money from their content via ads, etc.

So with that informal tidbit, I begin my thoughts.

If you’re angry that you can’t make money any more from stealing other people’s content, then I would suggest thinking about it like this. If you started stealing from a grocery store, and then the grocery store installed security cameras and hired a security guard to sit at the entrance, would you really blame them?

This is not all that different. If you steal someone’s video, or image, or sample that you don’t have the rights to, and then try to use it to make money, it seems obvious that this type of activity should be blocked.

The interesting part of this conversation for me is what happens when you use audio samples or images that you do have the rights to. For example sounds from or royalty free sample packs, or royalty-free images or stock footage that you purchased a license for. I’m almost positive if you submitted a rebuttal to any strikes or demonetization notices with proof that you had the rights to said content, your account would be cleared. But it’s still an interesting issue that is probably going to cause a lot of headaches for a lot of people.

My closing thoughts on this are pretty short and sweet - don’t complain if you’re not following the rules in the first place.