Only Accepting Excellence

As I continue to build PALA Sound and the various projects I am a part of, I often find myself thinking about the main goal that I am trying to achieve. What is the purpose for each video that I create? Each song that I write? Each beat I produce?

While these items may seem disparate, there is a single common thread that I am striving for - excellence. I am constantly pushing myself to perform at higher levels, produce more creative output, and make better stuff.

Creative output is my way of thinking about the things that I am making. To me, it is the total amount of videos, photos, designs, songs, beats, websites, blog posts, etc. that I am putting out into the world. I’ve always been interested in this concept, which has pushed me to continually create and put new content out, but I have only just recently started tracking it in a more analytical way.

And after doing so for a bit, I realized that there was a key piece missing from my analytical system: accounting for excellence.

Not perfection. But excellence. Something that provides real value for existing. My system now includes tracking the amount of creative output AND the quality of that content.

The reason? So I can continue growing and making more. And making it better.