Entering the World of Ambisonic Audio


Ambisonic audio is my latest fascination - if you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically the audio used for Virtual Reality, or any immersive experience that needs to capture sound at all angles (360 degrees).

When I first started playing around with it a few months back, I knew I had to start capturing and building my own ambisonic samples and audio.

Today, I’m starting my process by recording some simple sounds - basic percussion, some road noise out on the streets of NoHo, and a few “binaural” tests.

The Zoom H3-VR comes with a decoder built in as well, so I’ve been able to pop these recordings out as Ambisonic-B recordings, which is essentially the standard file type for these types of recordings.

My goal is to continue building my library of ambisonic recordings to be a comprehensive and meticulously curated set of sounds that can be used for VR, immersive experiences, and even 3D music experiences.

I’ll be posting much more about this as I learn more, but if you’re already in this world and want to chat and share experiences, I’d love to learn from you and share what I’ve learned as well. Contact me through my contact page and let’s chat :)